Making a meal is hard for you right now, and that's okay! Everybody struggles with cooking sometimes.


You have some options:

-You can cook a meal for yourself.

-You might have ready-made meals in the fridge.

-You can get take-out or delivery.

-You can go to a restaurant.


Take-out, delivery, and restaurants are a little more expensive than cooking on your own, but how you spend your money is your decision. It's okay to treat yourself!


If you're going to cook on your own, you have to decide what to make. A friend, partner, or family member can help with this. Here are some ideas for easy foods you can eat right now:

-Pasta with butter, sauce, cheese, vegetables, and/or meat

-Ramen noodles



-Grilled cheese (This can have meat on it, if you want!)

-A smoothie or milkshake

-Baked or fried potatoes

-Eggs, pancakes, and/or bacon

-Macaroni and cheese

-Canned soup


-Boxed mashed potatoes


Okay, I have some food in my stomach. Time for the next question!

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